Vancouver-based Community Builder Cascade West Differentiates with Digs

Cascade West, a luxury community home builder, has stood out among other construction companies in Clark County, constructing high-quality custom homes throughout Vancouver's expansion. Their success in remaining one of the top builders in the area lies in their commitment to tailoring each build to the specific needs of their clients rather than simply focusing on constructing the largest and most expensive houses.

Builder Spotlight: Building Dreams with Kavanagh Construction Company

In the realm of construction, where tradition meets innovation, Kavanagh Construction Company stands as a beacon of excellence. Founded by Patrick Kavanagh, a veteran with over 25 years of experience in crafting high-end residential projects, the company embodies a legacy of quality, craftsmanship, and personalized service.

Maximizing Productivity on the Construction Site: Time Management Hacks

Building stuff is undeniably awesome, isn't it? But here's the scoop – being a successful builder is about more than just skills. It's about being efficient, maximizing productivity, and mastering the art of time management. Let's dive into why these aspects are crucial for your journey toward becoming a top-notch builder.

Noteworthy Speakers and Events at the 2024 International Builder Show in Las Vegas

The International Builder Show (IBS) in Las Vegas is gearing up to be a groundbreaking event for builders, featuring various influential speakers who have left their mark on the construction industry. From empowering women in construction to leading national research on innovation, the lineup promises to inspire and educate builders from all walks of life. Let's delve into the profiles of some of the unique speakers who will be gracing the stage from February 27-29, 2024.

Making the Most of Your IBS Experience: What to Expect and How to Maximize the Opportunity

The International Builders' Show (IBS) is not just an event; it's a special opportunity for professionals in the residential construction industry to connect, learn, and discover the latest innovations. As you prepare to attend IBS, let's dive into what you can expect and how to make the most of this experience.

Managing Subcontractors Effectively: Key Strategies for Builders

Managing subcontractors effectively is a crucial skill that can make or break a project. In this blog, we'll explore some key strategies for builders to ensure the smooth coordination of subcontractors and the successful completion of construction projects.

Navigating the Challenges of Construction Equipment Financing in Today’s Market

Are you a builder looking to expand your construction business in 2024? If so, you've probably encountered the challenges of financing construction equipment. With the ever-evolving construction industry and the economic fluctuations, it's important to know how to overcome these hurdles. In this blog, we'll discuss the common issues builders face and explore some solutions.

Forging the Best Builder-Client Relationship

Whether you're constructing a dream home, a new neighborhood, or anything in between, fostering a positive builder-client relationship is crucial for a smooth and successful project. In this guide, we'll explore some key tips on how builders can cultivate strong connections with their clients.

Digging into Success: How Digs Can Enhance Your Builder-Client Relationship

Ever wondered how you can boost your builder-client relationship and make your projects even more successful? Well, this blog will show you how. Let's dig into how using the Digs platform can help you build stronger connections with your clients and yield more benefits for you and your business. 

Cost Estimation and Budgeting in Home Construction: Best Practices for Builders

In this blog, we'll explore some best practices for cost estimation and budgeting in construction, making it easier to keep your projects on track.

The Winter Challenge: Building in the Cold

Cold temperatures, snow, and ice can make construction projects more complicated. But, it's not all gloom and doom. Winter construction has its value too. Let's explore both the challenges and the benefits of building in the winter.

Builder Spotlight: Marnella Homes - Crafting Dreams into Reality

Marnella Homes' legacy of innovation and quality with a Q&A that shines a light on building high-performance healthy and efficient homes.

Curve Appeal: Arches, Contours and Swoops Every Home Will Love

Forget straight lines and sharp angles; it's time to embrace the beauty and functionality of curves in your projects. So, buckle up your tool belts as we take a smooth ride through the curvaceous wonders of modern construction!

Building Your Reputation: The Power of Customer Reviews and Testimonials

In the world of construction, your reputation can mean the difference between success and struggle. Word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews carry immense weight, influencing potential clients' decisions. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of customer reviews and testimonials for builders, and how you can harness their power to strengthen your reputation.

Kitchen Island Trends in 2024: Inspiring Ideas for Builders and Homeowners

The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home, and the kitchen island is its centerpiece. In 2024, kitchen islands are taking center stage with exciting design trends that cater to the needs and preferences of both builders and homeowners.

Trends in Custom Homes for 2024: What Custom Home Builders and Homeowners Need to Know

In 2024, the world of custom home building is evolving with exciting trends that cater to the desires of builders, custom home builders, and homeowners alike.

Longo Custom Builders’ Journey to Enhancing the Customer Experience

Building a custom home can oftentimes feel intimidating to homeowners. For custom builders, this becomes a challenge in guiding prospective home buyers to feel less overwhelmed and more confident whether they are building their first or dream home. See how Vincent Longo Custom Builder establishes itself among the elite and acts as a model for other builders looking to improve their revenue and glide through the pre-construction phase of their projects.

Enhancing Home Window Tinting with Digs: A Builder's Guide

As a builder, helping homeowners make informed decisions about window tinting is crucial. This is where Digs comes into play, making the process smoother and more efficient for both builders and homeowners.

Custom Home Building: Choosing the Perfect Exterior Paint

Whether you're a homeowner looking to refresh your home's appearance or a builder assisting clients in this process, read on to discover how to choose the perfect exterior paint.

Shining Light on Solar: How Digs Empowers Builders and Homeowners for a Brighter Future

In this blog post, we'll walk you through how Digs can support builders and homeowners at every stage, from pre-construction to warranty management, to ensure a smooth and successful transition to solar energy.

Fall 2023 Home Style Trends: A Blueprint for Builders and Homeowners to Create Dream Homes

Whether you're a builder constructing a new home or a homeowner looking to upgrade your living space, it's essential to stay up-to-date with the latest Fall 2023 home style trends. In this guide, we'll explore these trends and how builders and homeowners can work together to infuse them into new-build homes.

Exploring Door Hardware Trends in 2023

In this blog post, we'll explore the top door hardware trends for 2023 that will help you create homes that stand out.

Unveiling the Top Living Room Design Trends of 2023 for Builders

In 2023, we are witnessing some exciting living room design trends that homeowners are falling in love with. In this blog post, we'll explore these trends in a way that's easy to understand, making it a must-read for all builders looking to create stunning living spaces.

2023 Kitchen Hardware Trends

In this blog, we'll explore the latest kitchen hardware trends and offer guidance to builders on how to assist homeowners in making the right choices.

Enhancing the Builder-Homeowner Relationship: A Comprehensive Guide to House Framing with Digs

In this blog post, we will explore how Digs, an innovative platform, can significantly enhance the relationship between builders and homeowners throughout the stages of pre-construction, construction, homeowner handoff, and warranty management.

Hot and Cozy: Fireplace Trends in 2023 for Builders and Homeowners

Whether you're crafting homes or looking to enhance your living spaces, these fireplace trends are worth keeping an eye on. In this blog post, we'll dive into the top trends for the year and explore how builders can guide homeowners to choose the perfect fireplace for their home.

Simplifying Home Building Communication: Introducing Digs for Success

In the build process there are a lot of moving parts and - it can get complicated quickly. Below, we’ll talk about how Digs can help you execute the tips and best practices Fine Homebuilding has outlined in Best Practices for Home-Building Project Communication.

Building for Safety: Earthquake-Resistant Home Trends for Builders

As builders, staying updated with the latest trends in earthquake-resistant home construction is essential for creating safe and secure living spaces. In this blog, we'll explore some key trends and strategies that builders should consider to make homes better prepared for and resistant to earthquakes.

Building a Greener Future: Sustainable Construction Trends for a Better Tomorrow

Sustainable construction is a term you might have heard, and it's all about creating structures that not only meet our needs but also protect the Earth. In this blog, we'll explore what sustainable construction means, why it's important, and some cool trends that builders are using to make our world a better place.

Marketing Tips for Residential Home Build Contractors

In today's competitive landscape, contractors need to utilize various marketing strategies to stand out, attract clients, and build a reputable brand. In this blog post, we'll delve into eight marketing tips that can help contractors take their businesses to the next level.

A Builder's Guide to Using Digs to Implement Natural Light and Smart Home Trends

In this guide, we'll explore how builders like you can leverage Digs, the home build collaboration platform, to seamlessly incorporate natural light and smart home trends into every phase of a home's journey – from pre-construction all the way to warranty management.

Exploring Construction Safety Blogs: Your Guide to Building a Safer Workplace

Just like construction workers wear hard hats and harnesses, we need to equip ourselves with knowledge to stay safe. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what these blogs are, why they're important, and a list of some great blogs to follow and read. So grab your virtual hard hat, and let's dive in!

Embracing the Future: Faucet Trends of 2023 and How Builders Can Incorporate Them into Future Designs

Faucets are undergoing a revolutionary transformation, and as builders, you have the exciting opportunity to add these trends into your upcoming projects. In this blog post, we'll dive into the exciting faucet trends of 2023 and explore how you can easily include them into your future designs.

Trending Floor Colors: A Guide for Builders to Pick the Best Hued Floors for Homes

In this blog, we'll check out popular floor colors and give you simple tips to pick the perfect ones for the homes you're building. Let's dive into the world of trendy floors that everyone will love!

Cabinet Trends in 2023: Functional and Stylish Storage Solutions for Every Home

In this blog article, we'll explore the latest cabinet trends of 2023, providing you with a comprehensive guide to understanding and incorporating these ideas into your home. Whether you're a homeowner looking to renovate or a design enthusiast eager to stay up-to-date, this article will help you find the perfect cabinet solutions that suit your needs.

Seamless Collaboration: Builders and Homeowners Transforming Pool Projects with Digs

Creating the perfect pool involves more than just digging a hole and filling it with water. It requires careful planning, execution, and effective communication between everyone on the project, especially builders and homeowners. Digital platforms like Digs have changed the way builders and homeowners collaborate throughout the entire build process, from pre-construction to warranty management. In this blog, we will explore how Digs supports each stage of the pool building journey, making for easy collaboration and improving the overall experience.

Embracing the Sun: The Trending Appeal of Natural Light in Homes

In this blog post, we will explore the rising trend of natural light in homes and how builders can incorporate this beautiful element in their future designs, making our living spaces brighter and more enjoyable.

Ten Home Construction Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

In this blog post, we'll explore Instagram home construction pages that you absolutely need to follow. These accounts offer a treasure trove of captivating images, informative content, and expert advice, making them valuable resources for anyone interested in home construction and design.

Ten TikTok Home Construction Pages You Need to Follow

TikTok has become a treasure trove of valuable content for anyone interested in home construction or renovation projects. In this post, we will explore some of the top TikTok pages you need to follow for a dose of inspiration and tips to enhance your home building journey.

10 Trending Pool Designs to Elevate Your Backyard Oasis

Beyond just a source of relaxation, today's pool designs are more innovative, luxurious, and visually captivating than ever before. Whether you're looking to create a tropical retreat, a modern oasis, or a family-friendly haven, there's a trending pool design to suit your style. In this blog post, we'll explore ten of the most popular and awe-inspiring pool designs that are taking backyard escapes to the next level.

Construction Trends on TikTok: How Builders Can Harness the Power of Social Media

TikTok has become a thriving platform where trends emerge and capture the attention of millions. Construction has found its place in the spotlight, captivating audiences with its DIY projects, unique techniques, and inspiring builder personalities. In this blog post, we will explore how construction is trending on TikTok and discuss how builders can harness the power of this social media platform to their advantage.

The Benefits of Window Tinting Your Home

In the rapidly evolving world of architecture and home design, new trends and technologies are constantly emerging to enhance the comfort, efficiency, and aesthetics of our living spaces. Among these innovations, window tinting has gained significant popularity as a valuable addition to new homes. There are numerous benefits that window tinting offers, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of window tinting in the home and why builders should incorporate it into their designs.

Collaboration During the Custom Home Build Process

Building a home is a complex and intricate process that requires the coordination of multiple professionals and trades. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of collaboration in the home build process, why it matters, and how home builders can improve collaboration among their teams.

The Best Cell Phone Cases For Home Builders

With all the rough and tumble that comes with construction work, your phone is at risk of getting damaged. That's where a durable and protective cell phone case comes in.