Seamless Collaboration: Builders and Homeowners Transforming Pool Projects with Digs

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In the industry of home construction, few projects hold the promise of relaxation, leisure, and family fun like a pool. Creating the perfect pool, however, involves more than just digging a hole and filling it with water. It requires careful planning, execution, and effective communication between everyone on the project, especially builders and homeowners. Digital platforms like Digs have changed the way builders and homeowners collaborate throughout the entire build process, from pre-construction to warranty management. In this blog, we will explore how Digs supports each stage of the pool building journey, making for easy collaboration and improving the overall experience.

Pre-Construction: Organizing for Success

Before construction breaks ground, successful pool building begins with detailed planning and decision-making. Digs streamlines the pre-construction phase by offering a comprehensive set of tools that allow builders and homeowners to easily collaborate on and organize every selection and detail. From selecting the ideal pool shape and size to choosing materials, finishes, and landscaping, Digs provides a platform where all decisions are in one place and accessible. When every detail, including conversations, is saved in one place, you can remove misunderstandings, reduce the chances of errors, and make sure that the project is set up for success right from the start.

Construction Phase: Communication and Management Excellence

Once the pre-construction phase is complete, the fun begins. In the construction phase, effective communication and task management become important. Digs acts as a virtual hub, enabling builders to manage communication, to-do lists, and tasks easily throughout the construction process. Builders can update homeowners on project milestones, share progress photos, and address any concerns or changes in real-time. Homeowners, in turn, can track the pool’s progress, stay informed, and communicate about decisions. This transparency builds trust and ensures that both parties are on the same page throughout the construction project. It is important to note that Digs software does allow builders to determine what homeowners can or cannot see, to make sure they are up to date on key parts of the project.

Homeowner Handoff: The Gift of Detailed Digital Information

As construction finishes, it is time for the all-important homeowner handoff. This phase can often be overwhelming for homeowners as they move from seeing a construction site to owning a pool. Digs simplifies this process by offering builders the ability to give homeowners a detailed digital handoff. This allows builders to leave behind something better than physical project binders and paperwork with project information on Digs in the cloud. This digital handoff can include essential information about the pool's maintenance, operation, and any specific care and warranty instructions. Homeowners can access this information at their convenience, ensuring that they are well-equipped to enjoy their new pool without any uncertainty. 

Warranty Management: Elevating Reputation through Effortless Service

Even after the pool is complete and the handoff is done, a builder's commitment to their clients continues. Digs extends its support into the warranty management phase, allowing builders to easily manage and fulfill warranty-related requests. By providing warranty information and processes to the homeowner, builders can improve their reputation and leave a lasting positive impression. This commitment to post-construction service supports long-term customer relationships, referrals, and establishes builders as trusted partners in the homeowners' pool ownership journey. The ability to keep track and easily access warranty information in Digs cuts down on service or information requests from homeowners, allowing builders to focus on future projects and committing more time to ongoing builds. 

Today’s consumers are wanting transparency, collaboration, and an overall great experience during their home build journey. From pre-construction organization to construction communication, homeowner handoff, and warranty management, Digs provides a solution throughout the construction journey that improves every stage of the pool building process. By using Digs, builders empower themselves to simplify and improve the building experience while creating trust, satisfaction, and loyalty among their clients. 

Digs is a collaboration software solution for home builders, vendors, and homeowners that provides more efficient file storage, collaboration, and homeowner handoff for home construction projects. 

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