Ten Home Construction Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


In today's digital age, social media platforms like Instagram have become a hub for inspiration, creativity, and networking. Whether you're a homeowner, a DIY enthusiast, or a professional in the construction industry, Instagram can provide a wealth of ideas and knowledge. In this blog post, we'll explore Instagram home construction pages that you absolutely need to follow. These accounts offer a treasure trove of captivating images, informative content, and expert advice, making them valuable resources for anyone interested in home construction and design.

Matt Risinger (@risingerbuild):


Matt has a large presence on social media. Not only is he on Instagram but on YouTube too where he has over 1 million subscribers and is known for the Build Show. On his Instagram, he explores unique build projects and products. In addition to his presence on social media, Matt is the CEO and Chief Builder of Risinger Build. 

Zack Dettmore (@dettmore101):


Zack is a renovator and builder based out of New Jersey with his own company, Dettmore Home Improvements. On Instagram, he takes us along for his experiences. He gives us advice and tricks on building with examples, which are very useful, so head over to his page to learn more about the building process.

Tim Seay (@timdcva):


Tim focuses on flooring, with a focus on concrete and epoxy. Not only are his videos informative, but they’re very satisfying. There’s just something about watching him complete floors. If you’re looking to learn more about flooring, his page is a must visit!

Langberg Log Homes (@langbergloghomes):


Langberg Log Homes, based out of Alberta, construct absolutely beautiful log houses. This page will leave you fascinated with the process of what it takes to build a log house from preparing the logs to getting them onsite. 

Christine Williamson (@buildingsciencefightclub):


Sometimes, you might be confused when constructing a house. For example, you might wonder why the windows were placed where they were. Christine’s page is very informative about various stages to the build process, and you'll find tips and tricks that you can implement!

Greg Navage (@thenavagepatch):


Greg and Handan, the couple behind thenavagepatch, have a really fun page on home design projects. In the past, they lime washed their house and made pendant lights. If you love DIY projects, then Greg and Handan’s page is a must visit for you!

Mar (@carpentry_bymar):


Mar has been on Instagram for a very long time, and he takes us along all the projects he’s working on with commentary. Through his videos, you can really see his passion for the trade, which is a great trait to have. You will without a doubt leave his page being more informed.

Fine Homebuilding Magazine (@finehomebuilding):


You might have heard of Fine Homebuilding Magazine in the past. What’s great is that they have a great Instagram too! Their content covers many parts of the build process like drywall and insulation, and you might discover other content creators too. Definitely pay their page a visit to get a better understanding of building a house.

Tyler Grace (@trghomeconcepts):


Tyler, a carpenter, works on various kitchen, bathroom, and finish carpentry projects in New Jersey together with his wife, an interior designer, through their company TRG Home Concepts. If you would like to go behind the scenes of a very down to earth contractor, visit Tyler’s Instagram.

NS Builders (@nsbuilders):


Nick Schiffer is the person behind NS Builders, home builders based in Eastern Massachusetts. They’re known for their unique builds, which are showcased on their Instagram. In addition, you’ll find great, high-quality videos taking you behind the scenes of their projects and giving you tips and tricks.

Instagram has revolutionized the way we find inspiration and connect with others in the construction industry. The ten Instagram home construction pages mentioned above offer a wide range of resources, including design inspiration, educational content, and DIY tips. Whether you're an aspiring builder or a homeowner planning a renovation, these Instagram pages provide an endless source of ideas and knowledge. So, go ahead and hit that "follow" button on these pages to embark on an exciting journey of creativity and discovery in the world of home construction.

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