Simplifying Home Building Communication: Introducing Digs for Success


In the build process there are a lot of moving parts and - it can get complicated quickly. Below, we’ll talk about how Digs can help you execute the tips and best practices Fine Homebuilding has outlined in Best Practices for Home-Building Project Communication.

  • Document & Review
  • Share Updates With Clients
  • Work Smoothly with Trade Partners

Document & Review

When you're building a house, you compile many important documents along the way that are easily lost and forgotten. That's where Digs comes in handy. Think of Digs as your digital file cabinet. You can use it to keep track of all the important details and files about your project. Take pictures of the progress, keep track of selections and materials you're using, and unlike other file management software, Digs enables you to attach specific details or finishes directly onto the floor plan. 

 Effective organization systems ensure you and your clients communicate efficiently  and keep everyone involved on the build up to date. With Digs, all project information is stored in the cloud, allowing anyone on their mobile device or computer to access important project information at any time. 

Share Updates with Clients

Building a home can be complicated as you are bringing someone's dream to life. Clients wait patiently to see their dream home taking shape but may feel anxious because the process can be overwhelming. Keeping them  in the know on what's happening is critical. That's where Digs steps in.

Digs isn't just for builders; it's also a way to keep your clients in the loop. You can take pictures of the progress and share them with your clients in daily or weekly logs, communicate with comments, and assign tasks to your clients directly in your Digs project. 

If homeowners want to suggest changes, make a selection decision, or even provide positive feedback, they can communicate with their builders through Digs. Today’s consumers demand transparency and Digs helps builders achieve this without adding complicated tasks and workflows to your every growing task list. Digs also allows you to filter information, communication, and files so your homeowners only see what you want them to see. Keeping the complicated industry information for collaborators like vendors, designers, and subcontractors. 

With Digs software clients can see the build coming together and feel excited about it.

Work Smoothly with Trade Partners

Building a home involves different experts. These experts are your trade partners – they specialize in things like plumbing, electrical work, and painting.

You can invite them to join your Digs project and share your notes, sketches, photos, and more. This helps them understand what needs to be done to successfully complete their project. Digs makes it easy to send messages and updates and if you need a trade partner to take action, you can use Digs to assign and track tasks. 

In a nutshell, Digs is like your secret weapon for clear communication during home building. It's your place to store and track documents, share progress, and collaborate with others. By using Digs, you're creating a smoother journey from the pre-build process to the homeowner handoff through managing the 1-year warranty of each home. So, step into the world of Digs, where better communication leads to incredible homes that bring smiles to everyone's faces.

Digs is a collaboration software solution for home builders, vendors, and homeowners that provides more efficient file storage, collaboration, and homeowner handoff for home construction projects. 

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