Ten TikTok Home Construction Pages You Need to Follow


In recent years, TikTok has evolved into much more than just a platform for short, entertaining videos. It has become a hub for creativity, education, and inspiration across various industries like home construction. With a growing community of talented builders, designers, and DIY enthusiasts, TikTok has become a treasure trove of valuable content for anyone interested in home construction or renovation projects. In this post, we will explore some of the top TikTok pages you need to follow for a dose of inspiration and tips to enhance your home building journey.

Kyle Stumpenhorst (@rrbuildings):

RR Buildings, with more than 1.8 million followers and 27.4 million likes, is run by Kyle Stumpenhorst, who is a post-frame builder. You can find all sorts of videos on his page from showcasing products to the behind the scenes of his projects. This TikTok page is sure to leave you both informed and entertained!

New Home Quality Control (@newhomequalitycontrol):

Orlando, with newhomequalitycontrol, makes videos on errors with new builds across Scotland, England, and Wales to an audience of more than 656k followers, which have garnered him more than 11.2 million likes. Some of these errors might leave you in horror or leave you wondering how he notices such small details. If you are not great at noticing details, not knowledgeable in houses, and/or about to buy or construct a house, this is a great page to visit!

Austin Jenkins (@inspector_aj):

Similar to newhomequalitycontrol, Austin Jenkins, known as inspector_aj on TikTok, inspects houses for a living. On TikTok, he shows mistakes made in the construction of new houses and what the process of inspecting a house is like. He also answers any questions that his audience has. Austin’s page is a very informative guide into what the life of a house inspector is like, proven by his 1.8 million followers and 45.2 million likes.

Awesome Framers (@awesomeframers):

Awesome Framers is an amazing page providing educational videos with commentary, primarily about framing houses. Having over 251k followers and 3.2 million likes, this page is an absolute must visit if you’re seeking to learn more about house framing.

Schannon Violet Yodice (@thattilechick):

Schannon Violet Yodice, also known as thattilechick, is someone who is extremely passionate about their occupation, which has garnered her over 163k followers and 1.2 million likes on TikTok. She quit her 9-5 corporate job to become a tile setter, entrepreneur, and creator. A multitude of videos related to tile can be found on her page, so you will definitely leave her page informed about installing tile!

Sam Irwin (@constructiontips):

Sam Irwin, or constructiontips, covers all sorts of products in his videos that help improve efficiency and organization in the build process. In addition, he posts great tips and tutorials from woodworking to fixing doors for his audience of 1.4 million followers. You’ll for sure have a great time scrolling through his videos like all the people who have liked his videos to get him to 12 million likes.

The American Contractor Show (@american.contractor.show):

“The American Contractor Show is all about you! The American Contractor!” With more than 543k followers and 10.2 million likes, the majority of their content focuses on showcasing new and useful products for contractors. However, their content doesn’t come off as ad like but as fun and enjoyable.

Sammy (@carpentry_bysam):

Sammy’s content on carpentry is super high-quality, shot with professional cameras and edited with a professional video editor. Something you will also find is that Sammy is very organized too. If you want a unique experience and/or want to know more about carpentry, you must visit Sammy’s page with more than 49.2k followers and 228k likes.

Murray Kruger (@krugerconstruction):

Murray Kruger’s page, krugerconstruction, is very interesting because he covers and demonstrates all sorts of tools on the market for construction. Sometimes, he might even show a very unique trick that will leave you amazed. With more than 742k followers and 7.1 million likes, pay his page a visit if you’re looking for new tools!

Greg and Handan (@thenavagepatch):

Greg and Handan, the couple behind thenavagepatch on TikTok, have a really fun page on DIY crafts that they do for their house, which have reached over 1.1 million followers bringing them over 18.9 million likes. They have made anything from waterdrop solar lights to an accent wall. If you love small projects, then Greg and Handan’s page is a must visit for you!

TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform for sharing knowledge, sparking creativity, and fostering communities. The home construction industry has found a significant presence on TikTok, with professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and design aficionados sharing their expertise, ideas, and tips. By following the TikTok home construction pages in this post, you'll gain inspiration, learn new techniques, and stay updated with the latest trends in the industry. So, get your smartphone ready and embark on an exciting journey of construction through TikTok!

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