Marketing Tips for Residential Home Build Contractors


In the world of contracting, a strong skill set and quality work are essential for success. However, no matter how skilled you are, your contracting business won't thrive without effective marketing. In today's competitive landscape, contractors need to utilize various marketing strategies to stand out, attract clients, and build a reputable brand. In this blog post, we'll delve into eight marketing tips that can help contractors take their businesses to the next level.

Identify Your Target Market

With any marketing strategy or campaign, it’s important to know the target market. To help you determine who to target, take into consideration your skill set and experience. You’ll also want to learn about how you’re helping potential clients, your selling point, and what separates you from the competition. Not only will this research help you determine a target market but your unique value proposition too. With a target market, you can focus your marketing efforts specifically to that audience and increase conversions.

Build an Impressive Website

A well-designed and user-friendly website is a cornerstone of modern marketing. If you don’t have a website, clients will have a hard time finding you. In addition, a survey of millions of consumers done by Weebly found that 56% of them don’t trust a business without a website.

Ensure your website showcases your portfolio, services, contact information, and client testimonials. Make it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need. All in all, think of your website as the face of your brand, so make sure it represents you well and has any information a consumer might need.

Reviews and Testimonials

Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients are incredibly influential when potential clients are considering your services. Encourage happy clients to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and other types of social media. Make sure to respond to reviews, whether positive or negative, in a timely and respectful manner to show your commitment to customer satisfaction. A “Testimonials” page or section can be set up on your website to highlight reviews and testimonials that best represent your services.

Start a Blog

Although writing blog posts is a big time investment, they can increase traffic to your website significantly. You’ll want to write blog posts about topics that can help your target market. It is important to keep in mind though that having a blog is not only just writing. You need to also take into consideration search engine optimization (SEO), the process of improving your website so that it ranks higher on search engines like Google and Bing. Common SEO practices include using keywords, lowering your website’s loading speeds, and building backlinks to your website.

Post on Social Media

It’s estimated that there are 4.89 billion total social media users worldwide, and 77% of small businesses use social media. Therefore, social media is a powerful tool for contractors to showcase their work, interact with clients, and share valuable industry insights. There are countless social media platforms to choose from like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Read more about social media tips specifically for contractors.

Network in Your Industry

Build relationships with other professionals in your industry or related industries, such as architects, interior designers, and real estate agents. One way to do this is through networking groups. Referrals from trusted sources can bring in high-quality leads. In addition, having these connections will help you learn more about your industry.

In addition to networking groups, contractors often participate in trade shows, workshops, and industry events to network with potential clients and other professionals. These events provide opportunities to showcase your skills, learn from others, and stay updated on industry trends.

Traditional Advertising Tactics

Most of the marketing tips covered so far focus on digital marketing like running an effective website and posting on social media. However, you don’t want to forget about traditional tactics like TV, radio, newspapers, and billboards. Depending on your target market and goals, these tactics can have a beneficial impact on your marketing efforts.

Setting Yourself Apart

You can implement all the marketing strategies you want, but it’s also important to set yourself apart as a contractor. You’re competing against many contractors in your niche. What makes you unique? Asking yourself this will help you find your unique value proposition. One way to set yourself apart from the competition is with customer centric experiences like Digs, a collaboration software providing a better way to communicate, save, and share all the information about a home, in one place. By prioritizing transparent, proactive communication your clients will love, you can set your business and your marketing apart and standout.


Effective marketing is essential for contractors looking to expand their businesses and establish a strong presence in the industry. By following these eight marketing tips, contractors can improve their online visibility, build a reputable brand, and attract a steady stream of clients. Remember, marketing is an ongoing effort that requires dedication, adaptability, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. With the right marketing strategies in place, contractors can elevate their businesses to new heights of success.

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