Builder Spotlight: Marnella Homes - Crafting Dreams into Reality


At the heart of every dream home lies a vision brought to life by skilled hands and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Marnella Homes, led by the seasoned real estate veteran Tony Marnella, stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the home-building industry. With a legacy dating back to 1996, Marnella Homes has crafted over 500 homes of various types, ranging from small ADU's to large custom residences. 

A Legacy of Innovation

Tony Marnella's journey in real estate began in 1986, offering a unique perspective that encompasses sales, collaboration with builders, developers, architects, designers, and government entities. This diverse knowledge has empowered Marnella Homes to creatively address and overcome challenges that might seem insurmountable to others. 

Since its inception, Marnella Homes has been at the forefront of homebuilding, prioritizing efficiency, health, comfort, and resilience. The commitment to building homes that are zero-energy-ready, net-zero on and off-grid since 2005 showcases their dedication to staying ahead of industry standards.

1. What is your top tip for a trusting relationship between you and your client?

“Transparency. There is too much smoke and mirrors in our industry”

2. What is your expertise?

“The holistic building of high performance healthy and efficient homes.”

3. If you had to choose one part of the build process that you think is broken, what is it and why?

“Assembly. If the assembly of a home was performed at the efficiency of a manufacturing facility, we would see more efficient, higher quality constructed homes. Panelized construction is proven to save time, improve efficiency and minimize waste however, in regions like the northwest, we can’t get this process at scale. I would turn over 100% of the framing of our homes to panelization if it were available.”

Building Dreams, One Home at a Time

Building a Marnella home means it is not merely a structure; it's a personalized wellness retreat that ages like fine wine. The commitment to excellence ensures that expectations aren't just met but surpassed.

So, step behind the velvet curtain and explore the secret sauce in Marnella Homes' construction recipe. With Tony Marnella at the helm, this builder doesn't just construct houses; they craft dreams into tangible, lasting realities.

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