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Understand your home from day one

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Building and Remodeling
🛠️ Building & Remodeling
Make each decision with confidence and ease
See your options with each vendor and keep track of selections in one place – ensuring your builder has correct information at every build stage.
Get all experts on the same page
Share ideas and inspirations with your builders and vendors, making it easier for you to ask questions and make big decisions together.
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Feel secure at closing
Receive a complete digital copy of your home, giving you all the information you need to have peace of mind when you move in.
Manage your warranty
Digs provides every detail you need to manage your new home warranty and repairs without searching through endless paperwork.
Current homeowner
Organize your home
Organize your home project ideas
Plan your next project with ease. Digs has detailed measurements and product specs you can share with retailers, designers, or service professionals. Save product information or plan for future upgrades.
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Start organizing your custom build today
Digs is currently free for homeowners and builders! Refer your builder to use Digs and start saving time making decisions on your custom home.
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Why homeowners love Digs
  • Manage every selection decision with ease
  • Ask your build expert questions in the context of the space
  • Receive all the information about your home in a sharable digital copy at closing