Custom Builders

It's time to ditch awkward conversations

Remove your your biggest communication pain points with a simple-to-use collaboration platform.
Planning & design collaboration
Manage communication & punchlists
Digital handoff & warranty management

Amp up your communication with minimal effort

We'll help you save serious time

Digs consolidates your pre-construction planning into a clean, organized digital space where everyone working on the build can collaborate.

Reconcile documents
Drastically decrease emails
Collaborate remotely

Communication that gets five stars

When surprises happen, because they always do, Digs helps you communicate the impact with clients and teams in real-time.

Create daily logs
Upload photos of changes
Attach comments to floor plans

Celebrate the handoff with an extra bonus

Say goodbye to assembling physical binders that waste time and money. Wow your clients with a digital asset they will actually use and spend more time on building homes.

No more answering endless questions

Great post-build support means instant answers without the calls. Unless you prefer to be the hotline heroes.

Full-service aftercare
Warranty support portal
Self-service portal
Why professionals choose Digs
Simple to use
Safe & secure
Client facing

The best home build collaboration
happens with Digs

ST Custom Homes
"Digs is going to be huge for our pre-construction, and I am so pumped to have it.”
Nathan Walters
ST Custom Homes
"I really believe this software is the answer to help my team, our homeowners, and our subs be better organized and see real time updates. This is a real game changer for all of us!"
Cerissa Judy
Office Manager | ST Custom Homes
Collective Communities logo
“The ability to efficiently hand off a digital blueprint to our manufactured home buyers allows our homeowners to understand their homes better, adds a more personal touch to the sale, and, most importantly, makes our homebuyers more certain and comfortable with their purchase.“
Jon Bond
Collective Communities | Collective Communities
Ninth Element logo
“Digs can be used on a large scale; this is a no-brainer for sure.”
Troy Tracy
Product Advisor | Ninth Element Construction
Cascade West logo
“Digs helps by having all of the information at your fingertips, it helps with fewer emails and text messages. Number one, having all of the information in one spot is really big.”
Loren Kinnunen
Director of Construction | Cascade West
Rogue Builders logo
“Digs will save me from sifting through notes and emails. It'll be very helpful for a homeowner to see what room fan or plumbing fixture they've selected. Homeowners are very visual.”
Stacee Connelly
Co-Owner | Rogue Builders
Hinton Development logo
"This is a great tool for custom home builders to collaborate with their homeowners. It keeps all the selections in one place and makes it easy to hand it all over at the end of the build."
Nikole Duke
Manager of Residential Single Family | Hinton Development