How MassaRossa Luxury Homes Stopped Bending Software to Fit Their Pre-Construction Needs

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One of the first things clients look for when seeking a custom home builder is experience, knowledge, and a good reputation. Nathan and Emoly Walters, the President and Realtor behind MassaRossa Luxury Homes in Edmond, Oklahoma, have all three of those traits in spades.

Nathan, the builder of the team, has had a passion for residential construction since his first job in the industry, installing gutter. His friendly demeanor and knowledge of home building effortlessly puts others at ease. His wife Emoly runs the realtor side of the business and understands the Oklahoma market better than just about anyone. Together, they’ve hired a team of experts, from pre-construction through warranty, to round out the MassaRossa experience.

Elevating the experience with Digs

Once a client begins planning with Nathan and his team, MassaRossa does everything they can in pre-construction to ensure the process flows smoothly into construction. However, residential construction projects are inherently complex, and custom builders like MassaRossa need top-notch client communication and organization from the outset to handle these complexities. Unfortunately, the industry has lacked tools to effectively prioritize client needs, focusing primarily on internal processes, which have caused friction points for MassaRossa.

“We were bending a construction tool to try to make pre-construction and design work, and it was bogging things down and causing poor communication. Digs is making our pre-construction communication seamless,” says Nathan Walters, President of MassaRossa.

Bridging Communication Silos

By introducing Digs to clients early in pre-construction, MassaRossa creates a space where clients can save ideas comfortably and have a bigger role in planning their dream homes. With all information centralized in one source of truth, Nathan transitioned from being the intermediary between his teams and clients to directly connecting interior design and architect teams with the information clients uploaded in their Digs project. This approach saved time and enabled everyone to preview clients' design & selection ideas before the first meeting, making each meeting more informed, streamlined, and efficient.

“We use Digs as a sales tool. In fact, we’ve closed ten sales in one year due to Digs. Clients like how everything is organized, that it’s technology, and that they don’t have to deal with hard copies; the information is saved forever.”

Business vs Consumer Technology

B2B software often prioritizes a broad spectrum of features to accommodate varying processes over user experience, leading to confusing interfaces that professionals only tolerate because it’s crucial for their job. Conversely, B2C software places a premium on simplicity and brand experience to delight customers. This contrast underscores why traditional project management software struggles in client-facing communications.

Digs is bridging this gap by creating consumer-focused, simple-to-use features that capture and organize all conversations, decisions, and documentation associated with a build and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize whenever possible. Digs becomes your storefront experience that matches the rest of your sales and marketing efforts.

“Our team loves Digs because it’s not clunky. It’s nimble and easy to log in and use right away. Construction is already so difficult; it’s a breath of fresh air to have technology that is simplified and streamlined for our teams and clients.”

What’s next for MassaRossa? Now that their projects have moved into construction, they are looking ahead to using Digs for handoff and warranty. With new and innovative tools such as AskDigs and 3D dollhouse, they will continue the MassaRossa experience well into the lifetime of the homes they build.

Check out Digs' new video with Mike Rowe and Nathan from MassaRossa here.

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