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February 1, 2023

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Digs announced open beta to the public with the help of Forbes. At the height of the International Builders Show, Forbes highlighted the announcement, showcasing how Digs is focusing on new builds to address a common pain point for builders, vendors, and homeowners.

“The Digs process begins when the plans are uploaded by the builder and made available to vendors and subcontractors. The plans evolve into a spatially aware, AI-enabled understanding of the home's interior, including all of its inventory, and allows for collaboration within the floorplan. After construction, this data is passed on to the homeowner, becoming a platform for home operation and maintenance, providing the homeowner all the information they need to know about their home.”

Digs builder collaboration platform evolves into a digital twin of the home

Forbes also noted the potential and value that Digs holds for future homeowners.

“The use cases for such a digital twin are numerous and compelling. A permanent record of every detail, every product, warranty, and dealer mapped precisely by room would seamlessly integrate home services and retail experiences. Need to order lightbulbs? Click on the lightbulb in your Digs”.

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