Digs CEO Ryan Fink Shares Insights on the Modern Craftsman Podcast


Home building and construction is facing a pinnacle point in innovation and technology adaptation, more often builders are considering what technologies to use and how they fit into their current workflow. Recently, Digs Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Fink had the opportunity to share his insights on the Modern Craftsman Podcast, hosted by Nick Schiffer and Tyler Grace. The podcast, known for its candid conversations with industry professionals, provided a platform for Ryan to discuss the transformative role of AI in homebuilding and how Digs is leading the charge in enhancing collaboration for builders and homeowners alike.

Nick Schiffer and Tyler Grace, hosts of Modern Craftsman Podcast

The Modern Craftsman Podcast focuses on uncovering honest stories and experiences from professionals in the industry, delving into topics ranging from mental health and balance to company growth and education. With this in mind, Ryan dove into the ways in which AI is revolutionizing the homebuilding process and why Digs is at the forefront of leveraging this technology.

Digs, an AI collaboration platform designed for home builders and homeowners, aims to streamline communication, document management, and decision-making throughout every stage of the construction journey. With recent introductions like intelligent search and AskDigs, powered by advanced Digs AI, the platform is setting a new standard in usability, making the construction journey smoother and more intuitive than ever before.

During the podcast discussion, Ryan highlighted the critical role of Digs in the pre-construction process, design management, and the crucial handoff and warranty management phase. He emphasized the lack of dedicated software for builders in warranty management that is client and consumer-facing, underscoring Digs' commitment to prioritizing the consumer experience.

Moreover, Ryan shed light on how Digs utilizes AI to create an easy-to-use experience without the need for CAD or 3D modeling software. By working off simple PDF documents, the platform's AI model can read floor plans, understand dimensions, and organize information intelligently. This ensures that builders and homeowners have access to the information they need, right at their fingertips.

One key takeaway from Ryan's discussion was how the floor plan serves as the central canvas for collaboration within Digs. Every comment, conversation, and decision is seamlessly integrated into the floor plan, providing a visual representation of the entire project and a single source of truth, facilitating effective communication among stakeholders.

Digs’ CEO’s appearance on the Modern Craftsman Podcast provided valuable insights into the transformative power of AI in homebuilding and the innovative approach of Digs in enhancing collaboration and customer experience. As the industry continues to evolve, platforms like Digs remain at the forefront of driving innovation and reshaping traditional processes for the better.

Digs is a collaboration software solution for home builders, vendors, and homeowners that provides more efficient file storage, collaboration, and homeowner handoff for home construction projects.

To listen to the whole podcast click here. To learn more about Digs, check out Digs.com.